Monthly Archives: October 2014

Early October

With the hedgerow to the south down
tonight’s sky goes to the moon
lighting the early October dark.
Stars are scant, but moonlight
brightens my way down the drive.

The dogs are not pulling hard,
content to sniff at a leisurely pace,
giving me time to look up, mouth agape.
Autumn is moving in gently, giving us
time to get used to season’s change.

Wood-smoke punctuates the night,
sun-dried blankets drape and beckon.
Cricket-song has a new urgency and
coyote howls carry on the clear air.
House lights gleam in the darkness.

I do not look forward to the cold
but welcome the coming changes.
Anything heralded by fiery maples,
by cider donuts and apple pie,
has to have some good in it.